BRASPRESS maintains its own Quality Management System, ensuring the quality of its services through standardization, control and continuous improvement of its processes.

The SGQB (Braspress Quality Management System) was created in October 2017 with the aim of verifying the company’s processes, its adherence to the procedures implemented, and how these processes can improve the quality of its services in front of customers’ expectations.

BRASPRESS establishes a quality policy defined by the Board of Directors in accordance with the Company’s mission, vision and values, establishing the commitment and compromise to quality and meeting the needs of customers, in order to promote the continuous improvement of processes.


Our Quality Policy


BRASPRESS, parcel transport company, based on its quality principle, is committed to:

  • Meeting customer expectations, meeting established delivery times and ensuring the integrity of orders;
  • Promoting the development, health and safety of its employees and ensuring the preservation of the environment;
  • Seeking continuous improvement of its processes, investing in technology, security and innovation;
  • Generating sustainable growth and continuous profit for the company.