Group Companies

BRASPRESS is part of the H&P Empreendimentos e Participações group, which includes AEROPRESS Air Transport, Braspress International Transportation, Braspress Argentina, Urbano Bank and BR Editora.

Our mission
Our mission is to be the most effective mode of integration of Brazilian markets, facilitating the circulation of goods with safety and the best cost-benefit ratio, preserving the continuous generation of profit.

Brazil’s leading company in parcel services, BRASPRESS is the only company in its industry to serve the entire country with its own branch infrastructure. Learn more.

AEROPRESS is BRASPRESS’ road and air division. With privileged access to airlines, it is currently Brazil’s largest carrier of this type. It offers excellent express services, combining the speed of air transportation to the distribution capacity of road transportation.

With a focus on the Mercosur countries, BRASPRESS International operates import and export cargo, both fractioned and complete. Currently, in addition to Brazil and Argentina, the company is also present in the main cities of Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile. The perspective is to serve all South American countries.

H&P Empreendimentos e Participações is a company of the BRASPRESS economic group. It provides building infrastructure to advanced logistics operations with the experience and tradition of BRASPRESS. It offers the market solutions for conventional or cross-docking terminals in addition to storage logistics terminals from several customized models in order to meet the needs of each client as, for instance, the Built to Suit model.

Provides graphic solutions for BRASPRESS. It is responsible for the Braspress News magazine, distributed throughout Brazil and available in digital format.

Urbano Bank is a complete digital bank with all traditional banking services combined with technology to integrate your business and uncomplicate your routine. Urbano Bank was created to provide support to transporters and Logistics Operators. It will boost their business with partners, suppliers and customers, and offer employees all the benefits of a digital account.
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