Our differentials

National Coverage

The only company in the sector that serves the entire national territory with its own infrastructure, BRASPRESS operates with
106 own branches throughout Brazil located in the main regional poles of Brazil.
Almost three thousand trucks overcome the distances of our continental country to meet the most diverse needs of our customers. We have the most modern fleet in the country, with an average age of 3.5 years and in constant technological evolution.


To ensure the safety of deliveries and of the professionals involved in operations, BRASPRESS allies the highest technology and a highly qualified team. We have invested about 6% of our revenues in security and risk management with the goal of eliminating the incidents of cargo theft.

A National Center for Risk Management and Monitoring established in its main office in São Paulo coordinates units in Campinas (SP), Piracicaba (SP), Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and Recife. The monitoring is done 100% within the company with trackers, sensors and actuators installed in the entire fleet, in addition to electronic fence systems, internal CCTV circuit, highly trained security agents and 24-hour tracking through satellite systems and radio communication systems.


To ensure agility and safety in all its operations and services, BRASPRESS invests in cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Built with one of the most advanced technologies and with the TIER III classification concept, the company’s Data Center is designed to support a huge volume of data traffic while ensuring 100% availability.


Pioneer in the implementation of efficient management tools, BRASPRESS has a specialized engineering team
and globally recognized suppliers.
The company has the most modern and updated SORTER (Automated Order Sorting System) of the
Latin America and the Southern Hemisphere in its matrix, in Guarulhos (São Paulo), known as Complexo Planeta Azul.
With 6.4 km of length, the system has a sorting capacity of 15 thousand boxes/hour, with 16 input lines and 102 output ramps, the mega crossbelt sorter.
BRASPRESS has another shipping system in the Rio de Janeiro branch and in Curitiba, the shoe SORTER. It also maintains measuring belts for the dimensioning and weighing of boxes in about 80 branches, two compacts SORTER, one in the branch of Bauru (SP) and the other in Porto Alegre (RS).