In addition to its national coverage and the application of state-of-the-art technology, BRASPRESS stands out in the market for its multimodality to serve its customers with agility and excellence.

Road Transportation

Brazil’s leading company in parcel services, BRASPRESS is the only company to serve the entire country with a fleet of more than 2,000 trucks and 800 other vehicles. It has more than eight thousand employees – direct and indirect – ,who dedicate themselves entirely to the company and are distributed among the company’s 96 branches nationwide.

Air Transportation

AEROPRESS is BRASPRESS’ road and air division. With privileged access to airlines, it is currently Brazil’s largest carrier of this type. It offers excellent express services, combining the speed of air transportation to the distribution capacity of road transportation.

Transportation of pharmaceutical products

BRASPRESS Farma is our division specializing in the transportation of pharmaceutical, veterinary and related products. With its differentiated technology for handling products for this segment and its quality management certified by ANVISA (Brazil’s Health Regulatory Agency), Farma gathers in a single solution processes aimed at addressing the different sensitivities of products aimed at life, while preserving the “active principle” that has always differentiated it from its direct competitors: the accuracy and speed with which it pick-up and delivers such products.

Transportation for e-commerce

In accordance to its specialty services and counting on its tradition in the Brazilian transportation industry and its large network, BRASPRESS is currently the main carrier for e-commerce transportation in Brazil. Differentiated from its direct competitors for having a large flow of traditional parcels, B2B, BRASPRESS is able to provide excellent home delivery services, maintaining frequencies that only BRASPRESS is capable of.

International Transportation

Focussing on Mercosur countries, BRASPRESS International operates import and export cargo for both: LTL (Less Then truck Loads) and FTL (Full Truck Loads). Currently, in addition to Brazil and Argentina, the company is also present in the main cities of Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile. The perspective is to serve all South American countries.