Who we are

Leading company in Brazil in the parcel transport sector, BRASPRESS is the only one that serves the entire national territory with its own fleet of 2,890 vehicles. There are more than 9 thousand direct employees and 2 thousand outsourced employees on a daily basis, distributed in 106 own branches throughout the country.

Created in 1977, by entrepreneur Urubatan Helou, and his partner and friend Milton Petri; BRASPRESS has as differentials the adoption of a business model that involves heavy investments in technological innovation, constant search for efficiency and excellence in the provision of services, in addition to the capillary operation throughout Brazil.

Solutions such as automatic selection of boxes, weight measurement and application of volume calculation in the entire cargo, development of its own software, traceability of all transported boxes from its own barcode model, combined with a competent sales direction have turned BRASPRESS into a successful case of the Brazilian logistics sector.

Figures only BRASPRESS has

200 million kilometers traveled each year in Brazil

+ 1200000 dispatches per month

60 thousand deliveries a day

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